Comic artist/ Concept artist / Illustrator
Personal Info                 
         Born: Oct. 16, 1989
         Languages: Fluent in Hakka, Chinese, and English (verbal, reading, writing)

Digital Arts:
Adobe Photoshop: Proficient using PS in digital inking, vector work, illustration, concept painting, and graphic novel coloring (including for print).
Autodesk Maya: 3D environment and character modeling.
Pixologic Zbrush: Proficient 3D sculptor
Traditional Arts:
Illustration: Graphite, charcoal, color pencils, pastels, water colors, and acrylics.
Sculpting: Character sculptor and painter for concept art, action figures, and animation models (super sculpey).
Comics: Experience with writing, penciling, inking, coloring, and lettering comics, in both traditional and digital mediums.
Animation: Traditional 2D character animation.

High School:
National Experimental High School, Bilingual Department. Hsinchu City, Taiwan.
Graduated class of 2007.
 Savannah College of Art and Design   Atlanta, GA, USA.
Major: Sequential Art/  Minor: Animation 
B.F.A., 2011. (Magna Cum Laude)

Work Experience:
  Marvel Comics (Nov 2010- Dec 2010): Penciller and inker. (Deadpool Family #1: "Schlock Therapy")
  Crowd Control Productions (Jan 2011-Mar 2011): Internship as concept artist. (World of Darkness)
  Floyd County Productions (Jun 2011-Mar 2012): TV animation background painter. (Archer: Season 3: Counterintelligence, Unsupervised: Season 1)
  Studio Revolver (Nov 2011-present): Freelance artist for illustrations, cover art, interior comic art, character designs, and concept painting.
  Studio FN (Apr 2012- June 2013): Subcontracted artist for Zynga Entertainment. Worked on animal designs for Farmville, characters and icons for Cityville, and architecture and props for Pirateville. 

April 6th, 2011 (Pencils and inks)