July 4, 2014

Convention sketches, and upcoming CHEW special

As always, Heroes Con was an exhausting but fantastic show. Thanks to everyone who dropped by and asked for a commission!
But before any more convention stuff, here's a piece I just finished for the upcoming Warrior Chicken Poyo special (for CHEW, published by Image), that should be out for Comic Con. Pick it up if you see it! The other pieces inside are an absolute riot!

And now for some con sketches~

< 3

June 17, 2014

Heroes Con 2014!

As usual, this year I'm going to be tabling at Heroes Con- which is in Charlotte, NC- from June 20~23!
My booth will be AA-1905, which is about a row away from those celeb singing lines, all the way on the right if you're standing at the entrance.

I will have a good quality printed mini of my comic Shaman Child available, of all the print-ready pages I had as of last week, with a new cover I just did.

I'll also have some new prints, including some watercolor paper prints and all my new illustrations. If you can be there, be sure to stop by and say hi!

And don't hesitate to ask for a sketch if you can!

❤ Renie


Here's a little somethin somethin I did in tribute to Attack on Titan.... yes, that show has converted me too. TuT


May 25, 2014

Chozen work & webcomic & moving

I've posted a new gallery of some work I did for FX's animated comedy, Chozen!

It's sad news that Chozen will not be renewed for a second season. But, at least for now, it seems like things will be working out after all. I just landed a concept art gig that will take me to Austin come early July. I'm looking forward to the move!
Anyone who knows Austin well, or any Austinite artists, please feel free to hit me up!
I'll need new drawing buddies. :D Hehe.

Also, a completely new website for my webcomic, Shaman Child,  is now up!!
The comic will now be hosted on Tumblr (the old blogger is still there but will not be updated). I must say I'm quite proud of the customization a dumb non-coder like me managed to pull off.
If you like the comic, please do spread the word. I'm trying really hard to up readership, and I'm hoping to have a printed mini for sale at Heroes Con. All reposts are much appreciated! <3>

April 14, 2014

20th Century Boys Mini

In celebration of one of the most amazing and underrated stories ever done in comics....
And in belated celebration of 2014, the year of "Friend"'s defeat. ;)

By the way, if you don't know this series by Naoki Urasawa, it's highly recommended! (Along with his other book Monster.) It's well-written and great for someone new to manga.

April 6, 2014

Robot & spaceship & animation wheee!

Here's a space illustration that I've been working on for quite a while.
I made a little loop animation from it. It's simple, but I'm pretty happy with it; I haven't animated anything in years!
(If  the GIF doesn't work on Blogger, here's a link to the Tumblr post.)

Also, have a robot for bonus. ^_^

March 8, 2014

Street art!

I've been doing lots of street art recently!
Most of what I've done are wheat pastes, since I have never drawn with spray paint and royally suck at it.
I also did a painted piece or two, and a drawing on my fellow studiomate's workroom wall.
Here's to trying out new things ;)

January 16, 2014

Sicfi drawings & Society 6 account~

So... I haven't posted any of the stuff I've been drawing since Dragon Con... because I'm lame and a horrible, horrible person.
Here's a spaceship concept sheet, and a little cyborg drawing to make it up. ^_^;

Also, I now have an account on Society 6, and a few pieces are already set up for sale!
Give my store a little perusal *here*!
You can get high-quality prints, t-shirts, or tank tops of most pieces, and I'll be adding designs as I come up with more t-shirt-suitable ideas. Even if you can't afford to throw down a few bucks for a t-shirt, a promotion button click on the artwork will be much appreciated. :) :)
Here's just a few of the shirts available now-

Happy 2014, and hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the new year! (*^^*) 

September 2, 2013

Dany Qarth costume process

So I made a costume for Dragon Con this year!
I did the last of Daenery's Qarth costumes, from the Game of Thrones show. It's actually the first costume I'm more or less making form scratch- I've put together a few costumes before, and though none were store-bought per se, I usually shopped for clothing that could be modified and slapped together to look like the outfit I wanted. :P

Here is the costume from the show for reference:

I only took pictures of my process for the vest, since it was the most complicated part. For the purple dress underneath, I found the cloth (while I was in Shanghai... that's another story) and enlisted the help of a tailor since I don't own a sewing machine now. The brown skirt under the dress was a maxi skirt I cut up and spray painted.

I started with the duct-tape-tshirt mannequin technique.
For those who don't know, it's just a cheap way to make a mannequin in your exact size.
First wear a t-shirt that you don't want anymore, and get someone to wrap duct tape all around you so it becomes a snug shell on your body. Cut it down the back to get yourself out and tape it back up for a mannequin (stuffing the inside is optional).

I marked the cuts I needed to make on the mannequin and proceeded to cut pieces of newspaper to fit the cuts. (I've also seen people cut up their mannequin for the pieces, but I wanted to reuse it.)

For the boobs part I figured it was just faster to cut up a bra I didn't want and sew it in, LOL.
Using the newspaper pieces as a templates, I cut the final plates out of craft foam (kid's craft stuff that you can get at any Michaels- fucking great for imitating leather!)

As for how I joined all the plates together, I started out sewing them. I would cut a strip of sturdy cloth to the shape of the seam, about a 0.5 inch wide, and sew both sides to the foam. I had to hand sew because a machine won't work on the thick foam.
Then I realized how needlessly time-consuming that was AND PULLED OUT A HOT GLUE GUN.

Tadaa, that went much faster.
(P.S Much thanks to my friend Andrea for the many pointers! ^u^)
When I got bored of gluing, I switched to scuffing up the foam surface with scissors. As I had hoped, this did wonders towards making the final painted surface look weathered.

In the show, the collar was higher and the cuts in the back were slightly different, but I went for easier cuts since hair would be covering it anyways.

I did the big fat stitches with old hair ties- yay creativity! And the picture on the right is after spay painting.
Then I hand painted the seams and some areas of the leather with deep brown acrylic.

Heres the final!! Yes I used my real hair, since I recently made it pretty light anyways.

That's the full costume. I'll definitely wear it again, and there are still improvements I'd like to make; such as the purple ribbon trim on her dress (I simply couldn't find the right ribbon to use), and sculpting dragons!
Overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I hope I can improve it and get better pictures sometime. :)

And I must re-post this photo form my Dragon Con entry, because it was perfect:

Dragon Con pics

Dragon Con in Atlanta was last weekend! It was a blast, and thanks to all the friends I got to meet up with that made it awesome :D
This post is just a photo dump. I shall do a post right after this detailing how I made my costume and stuff!