November 7, 2010

And it's daylight savings already?!

Ooohh, now this is gonna be a long post... considering I havent updated in several months, as per my usual tradition ^^

All sorts of crazy things have been happening, including Anime Weekend Atlanta, an extremely awesome trip to NYCC, and various cool events here at SCAD, including our 24-hour comics event just a few weeks ago. Here are a couple of pages from my submission to that, followed by other recent work... To see the full 24-page comic and more projects, just drop by my deviantART site as usual! (

Hope all of the two people that will actually see this enjoy it!

A few commissions :) -
Some of my original characters, made to be printed as bookmarks-

A few fan sketch challenges for the Temple of Cartoon Mojo -

Caricature piece for the college magazine -

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