January 24, 2011

CCP Internship: wks 1-3

I have to keep a weekly blog about my internship at CCP as part of my school credit, so I'll at least be posting once a week from now on!

I'm not sure yet as to what I'm allowed to say about the game project, and I'll clarify things with the studio so I can be a little less vague next week, but I'll just roughly lay out how things are going for now. As I've said I'm working in the concept art department. Though I was assigned to do character concepts at first, I like that the concept art department at CCP is very open and mixed, and it seems like everyone crosses over in the workflow--no matter with environments, characters, 2D, or 3D. My first task was to design men's clothing for a group of the game's personas, and I've already completed about 10 in value drawings. I was also asked last meeting to work on a river scene that would occur in-game, so I'm also kinda crossing over to environment work. Thus I'm currently working on both the river scene and the clothing designs simultaneously, and I hope I'll be able to finish the river scene this week.

As for the work environment, I love it! CCP is awesomely well-equipped; even though it's far from Metro Atlanta, there's a cafeteria in the office, and for me the atmosphere is focused and casual at the same time. They did seat me right next to a door though, which isn't so pleasant since it's still freezing outside, but I guess that's what the intern has to endure! ^_^

That's mostly what I've done in the last 3 weeks there. I'm loving it so far and I hope the stuff I do will come in useful. Until next week, then!

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