March 21, 2011

CCP week 10 & Spring Break

I am again posting a week late, but as I haven't been able to get internet at my apartment-coupled with the fact that SCAD has shut down for Spring Break for no real reason-my excuse is I've been cut off from the world for the past 5 days or so. But beyond that, my break is off to an AWESOME start! I mustered the courage to go hiking with some friends last Friday, and got to breathe natural emission-free air again for the first time in years. I also got to roll in mud, scour 45-degree rock hills, and get my arms tiger-striped by thorns, but somehow it was all a fulfilling experience!

The sad new is, my internship at CCP is over... and I GENUINELY MEAN I'm sad T^T
It was a great learning experience, the people there are a very cool bunch, and I got to play pretend concept artist for 10 weeks even though I'm not half as good as most of the other guys. For week 9 I continued working on some motion studies for the corrupt vampire NPC we had been hacking out for the last few weeks, and was also assigned to do an environment cutout of an underground chamber (kind of like one of those sliced-open building drawings you saw in history textbooks as a kid, haha). For week 10 I was assigned to do a quick sketch for the corrupt vampires in their in-game environment, then received some crits on the chamber cutout and worked on changes. All in all, I kind of wished I had more chances to do some pretty finalized paintings, but of course sketches and quick studies are part of concept work as well.

If anyone from CCP by some miracle does read thisthanks for the experience!
As for me, I guess I'm back to job hunting again....

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