March 31, 2011

Senior project WIP

I gots me a gallery on!! Me so proud of meself!
I figured it would be a good advertising tool and hopefully will lead to more work coming in. It's not extremely extensive, though, as whoever designed the CA gallery uploader decided to be a bum and make everything really difficult, so I got tired of it after seven entries. Still, I'll be updating it again when possible. Check it out here :)

Also as I didn't get a whole lot of final stuff done this week but am determined to post an entry every week, here's some WIP stuff. Crits are of course welcome.

Here the first WIP of my senior project! (tadaaaaa) It's a futuristic vehicle concept. And yes the scooter detaches from the car. This is possible.
And the cover for this year's sketchbook, colors still in prog. I have NO idea what to do with those monster things....


  1. Awesome concept car, Irene! I'd like to see it when they make one, one day.