February 15, 2012

New (ish) studio space & sketchy

This is a Skmoose. That is, a skunk mixed with a moose.
Because it makes sense and we all know it's a real creature.
Also, I need more animals in my portfolio....

 And now for some pics of the new studio space me and Domo got with Studio Revolver! We've all had this space since the end of last year, but it hasnt been quite set up enough for me to take photos of until now ^_^;;
Here's my late night home after Archer lets me go.

 Domo's poster wall and my aweshum computer desk.
 My aweshum drafting table and the bookshelf, sorely in need of more books and toys...
 Hallway to everybody else's rooms, and the comic rack by the door.
 And the cute little set-up we've got in the kitchen :D


  1. I want a Skmoose for my birthday. I'll get it right?

    1. Yes of course you will. Better watch our for those antlers though. The cats might not be happy cohabitating at first :)