April 27, 2012

Vacay & new art

It's been a while again!
A lot has happened since February... For one thing, since the 3rd season of Archer was completed, I am now freelancing full-time at Studio Revolver. Working in animation was a great experience, but there are so many other projects and areas of work that I want to tackle, including game art and the oh-so-many comics that I want to draw; and I think now is the right time to get back to them. :)

I also just returned from a month-long overseas trip to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vancouver, which was a badly needed giant vacation. It was good to see some old friends, and even better to make new ones! Now I'm back in the States, refreshed and really really ready to get back to drawing.

Also I am finally allowed to post the work that I've done for Archer and Unsupervised over this past year. (I really hope I am. The shows have aired. Don't sue me! QQ)
Check em out here!

Now for some sketchbook work and mall drawings-

A series of cartoon commissions for a youth camp, that I picked up in Taiwan-

As I am 100% freelancing now, any help with commissions is welcome. Thus if anybody has been thinking of getting something drawn, don't hesitate to ask! ;)

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