October 2, 2012

Hello, cold weather.

So yep, I'm down south in Atlanta and it's been cold and rainy on and off for a couple of weeks...

Sucks for me.
Btw, I finished watching the entirety of Game of Thrones, over the span of something like 24 hours. (Is that even possible? There are only 20 episodes...) Time well spent. And yeah, I know I'm a little late.That's what happens when you've been too poor to afford TV until now, and have been procrastinating on connecting your Comcast service. 9_9

Here's some lecture sketches from a James Gurney demo I attended last week-

And some creature drawing I was inspired to do afterwards-
Killer modern velociraptors? How cute!

Plus some messy-ass sketchbook scans, just FYE.
Strange, despite all the comfort I have with digital, there's something about ink and paper than even a Cintiq can't beat. I do prefer to color digitally; but sketching traditionally is still my fave... :)

Old sketches from our (slightly pathetic) zoo to wrap it up-

Cheers! And happy October everybody!

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  1. I don't know how many zoos you've been to to be able to call the Atlanta zoo pathetic @.@ I mean lions/timons/pumbas/pandas/komodo dragon/lemurs/gorillas/orang-outans/vivarium and tons of other stuff... I was pretty happy =)

    I still need to finish watching season 2 of GoT