June 11, 2013

Heroes con report

I am back from Heroes Con!
The convention was a blast, and I am proud to say I felt like my shit was finally together this time (banner, products, prints, setup). I sold very few prints and stickers, even though there was plenty of traffic. The things that sell at conventions every year are always unpredictable. On the other hand the last two days just flew by because I was bent over my table constantly pumping out commissions! O_o So all worked out well in the end.

I also got some promo in for the webcomic that I am working on (see here ^_^), but seeing as I've only barely posted 9 pages, I wanted to ease into the marketing. I'll keep on updating once a week, and let everyone know when the story really gets going.

Thank you to everyone who made Heroes Con rock. I still feel like it's one of the few conventions that showcase artists over everything else, and gives artists both a chance to display their work and meet tons of fans. I met a few artists and writers that I admired, and got in quality partying time with fellow Studio Revolver members. That was a gooood convention!

Here are some of my convention sketches to wrap things up. :)

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