January 16, 2014

Sicfi drawings & Society 6 account~

So... I haven't posted any of the stuff I've been drawing since Dragon Con... because I'm lame and a horrible, horrible person.
Here's a spaceship concept sheet, and a little cyborg drawing to make it up. ^_^;

Also, I now have an account on Society 6, and a few pieces are already set up for sale!
Give my store a little perusal *here*!
You can get high-quality prints, t-shirts, or tank tops of most pieces, and I'll be adding designs as I come up with more t-shirt-suitable ideas. Even if you can't afford to throw down a few bucks for a t-shirt, a promotion button click on the artwork will be much appreciated. :) :)
Here's just a few of the shirts available now-

Happy 2014, and hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the new year! (*^^*) 

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