May 25, 2014

Chozen work & webcomic & moving

I've posted a new gallery of some work I did for FX's animated comedy, Chozen!

It's sad news that Chozen will not be renewed for a second season. But, at least for now, it seems like things will be working out after all. I just landed a concept art gig that will take me to Austin come early July. I'm looking forward to the move!
Anyone who knows Austin well, or any Austinite artists, please feel free to hit me up!
I'll need new drawing buddies. :D Hehe.

Also, a completely new website for my webcomic, Shaman Child,  is now up!!
The comic will now be hosted on Tumblr (the old blogger is still there but will not be updated). I must say I'm quite proud of the customization a dumb non-coder like me managed to pull off.
If you like the comic, please do spread the word. I'm trying really hard to up readership, and I'm hoping to have a printed mini for sale at Heroes Con. All reposts are much appreciated! <3>

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