February 10, 2011

CCP Week 5 and BOOM!

Rather a late update on last week's studio trip, but I've pretty bogged down with work and a smashing cold these past few days. I had a nagging fever for most of last week, which was later joined by a cough, but seeing as it was midterm week I decided to not take time off, and I got through most of it with LOTS of Advil, soup, and sleeping in :D. Thankfully most of that seems to be going away, and I might not die at 21 after all.

I think every week I'm getting a better hang of the workflow and game concept. Being midterming time at school, though, I really hadn't been as productive as the weeks before, but hopefully I'll be able to catch up this Friday and Saturday. So far my work with the character clothing concepts has ended, and I'm being assigned to concepting props and something that's basically a new character class. I'm especially excited about designing the character class, too bad I'm still not allowed to post any of this work here!

BOOM! Studios
BOOM Studios editors Matt Gagnon and Ian Brill graciously came by SCAD last weekend, and it was great getting to talk to them! Lucky for me I got this Darkwing Duck sketch done in time for their visit, courtesy of Shawn Crystal's 90-minute sketch challenge that he threw at us during class.

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