February 16, 2011

CCP Week 6

And yet another entry for my internship class :)  Lol I need to start writing these posts on time.
God I can't believe it's already week 6. This is kind of making me freak out as it's starting to sink in that I have 11 pages collectively due for my finals in 3 weeks... oh my god...
Anyways, back on track about CCP, this week was a learning experience as always! I'm basically working on a really gross, deformed, and disgustingly cool NPC character design, as well as continuing with general prop designs. Right now I have a bunch of value studies just about ready for color in Photoshop, and hopefully I'll have them done and sent to the concept art lead tomorrow for crits. Have I mentioned before that CCP really treats their interns great? I'm just happy that I'm not sweeping the floor or cleaning up scans all day like most internships I hear about from friends. I guess I got lucky on this one! ^_^

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