February 28, 2011

CCP weeks 7 & 8

So I've been posting ridiculously ambiguous entries about my CCP work up till now, but apparently all for nothing! I was worried about the NDC (non-disclosure contract for you confused ones) boundaries, but as CCP has already announced World of Darkness, turns out I'm free to talk about most of my work, but I just can't post any art on the net yet.
That being said, I have a week and a half of work to catch up to in this entry, but I'll also do a quick review of everything I've done so far. My first assignment was designing loads of fashion for the Brujah clan men (god knows why, I know nothing about fashion), and after that I did concept art for a river drowning sequence. In the last two weeks I've had the pleasure to work with Marco, another concept artist, on a new corrupt vampire NPC. So far I've painted up a couple versions of it (it's completely gruesome and I'd love to show it but I can't), and we are now working on sketching animation thumbnails to work out how the character would move for the animators to see; which is really extremely cool, since I never knew concept artists may get to design the motion as well, and which is making me really glad I took animation courses.

It's a little saddening to realize I only have 2 more weeks left to work there... I didn't think I would be worried about graduating, but recently the fact that I AM GRADUATING IN THREE MONTHS and will have to find a job is slapping me in the face. Freelance is awesome, but if I could have a steady job along with it, especially doing concept art like here, I would be in heaven. Let's all hope for the best.


  1. When you get hired by CCP in three months, don't forget to recommend me so I can follow you a year later =D
    (Yeah I'm dreaming)

  2. I hope they keep you on the team!

    It's horrible to be out here looking for a full-time position.

  3. Haha I'm just praying that I'll have work in 3 months! As long as it's doing art and not flipping burgers, I'm takin' it.

    And of course I will, Annick... :) Why dont u ask 2 intern at CCP?