February 16, 2011

Hulk, Gorillaz, and more!

Just a big fat dump of class work from the past week or so.
This is actually my Gorillaz sketch challenge for the Temple that I've put off for two weeks. I want to color this so bad, I have the colors in my head already! Aaahh!! @_@  Maybe if I have spare time this weekend I'll get to it.
Viz II 90-minute sketch challenge. Everything but the car and smoke was done in class, I added those to fix the composition after crits.

Project 3 for Environments and Props. MY GOD WE FINALLY GET TO DO 3 POINT PERSPECTIVE.
On the left is the wet market in Central, Hong Kong, and on the right is St.Basil's Cathedral in the Kremlin, Moscow. I spent some extra time to block these out in 3D, and I think I measured everything pretty thoroughly. It really feels great when an environment turns out looking right :)

And here's some REALLY old work that I just realized I never posted. 
This is my maquette from Concept Art class in Junior year. The character drawing and environments that go with it can be found in my portfolio.
And a small Ohmu model I made to go with my Nausicaa maquette.

Sheesh this is turning out to be a long post. Sorry, the two or three people who actually read my blog, you'll just have to deal with it ;)
It's a day late, but happy Valentine's Day! I'm not especially romantic, and I don't think I've ever celebrated v-day, but this year was special and I got to SPEND THE DAY SLEEPING IN (oh the bliss!) before going with my boyfriend on a nice dinner date. Hope everyone else had a good time too, or at least stayed home and got stuffed with cheap chocolate! :D

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