May 28, 2011

Mid-finals update

Hey all, here's just a quick update since I've totally broken my one-post-per-week schedule this month... but legitimately so, since I've been inhumanely busy with a new job at an animation studio on top of senior project, freelance, and prep for Heroes Con ^^;
This is my sketch for the last Concept Art Factory speedpaint challenge, which was Baba Yaga. I was dead tired coming from work that day and didn't get to coloring it, but I'd love to once finals and Heroes is all over. I'll post some more worthwhile stuff from the pitches I'm working on, of course, when they're ready.
Thanks for everyone's patience, and until then, friends...

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  1. Hey Irene, just letting you know i wanted to link to ur blog if its cool. i heard heroes was awesome. peace, kweku