June 16, 2011

Heroes Con & post-graduation

I finally crammed in some time to update here! Sorry guys, I'm trying to not fall off my plan of posting every week,  but my blog has been a little hard to get to since a whole string of fairly major events have just taken place.
For one thing.... I GOT MY BFA!!!! I'm finally all done with school! Or at least for the time being; if I take a Masters' it won't be until after a looong breather. Heroes Con has also just passed, and it was a party as always. On top of that, I now work full time as a background artist for the show Archer!

My main concern since graduation has been fitting freelance work and my own projects around my animation job, and I'm still trying to figure out how to do that in an organized manner... I've been working on a webcomic that I really want to post up this summer,  and I also want to keep on taking commissions (though I know I still owe a few! Sorry!) and make it to as many conventions as possible. Hopefully that'll all work out :(

 I'm still getting my head around the fact that I DONT HAVE BREAKS ANYMORE... sigh. I appreciate weekends so much now, haha. I'm pretty well adapted though, and the folks at Archer are all swell people, so I'm just generally grateful that I'll at least have a stable job doing art for awhile.

Now for some (late to come) photos from Heroes...

Our Temple of Cartoon Mojo group table. 
Jackie Lewis' table!
Chris Schweizer pimpin' his stuff!! More exclamation marks!!!

And sloppy snapshots of a few con sketches that I did:

Honestly, this year's Heroes was AMAZING. It was so refreshing to see everyone. I dropped by Sean Murphy, Shawn Crystal, and Eric Canete's tables, among others, and picked up books from Canete, Stuart Immonen, and loads of other awesome people. Almost everybody I knew well was there, and a large slice of the Atlanta comicking population was present as well; including about half of the Sequential Art students from SCAD (Most of the seniors skipped graduation to be there. Including me. Uuuuuh-huh!) The Temple of Cartoon Mojo had a fairly big space, though I was kind of bummed out that they put us with the vendors instead ofwith  the artists, which might have turned down traffic. Next year I'm set on finally getting my own table, though, so wish me luck :)

Anyhows, my time is limited, so I'll be out till I can find some free time again; and I promise to post some new artwork next time! Cheers all.

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