August 26, 2011

Captain Slim commish

Lil' mascot commission from my friend Rose who does production set designs. It's basically her in a superhero suit haha :)
So Baltimore was awesome, of course! I just really wished I had a table and cons are always just a little less exciting when you're walking around like a visitor. It's also harder to mingle and talk with the attending artists, though I did spend a lot of time with the local Identity Comics group, and even got to meet and pick the brains of webcomic creator duo Comfort Love and Adam Withers. Now I wished I had more time there than just a weekend; but it was ultimately worth it, and I definitely needed that break :)

Very, very, very strange restaurant we went to.
There was also a glass cabinet full of doll heads just behind where I stood here.
Good food, though! 9_9

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