August 18, 2011

BCC, Archer, and stuffs

Hey all, just thought I'd remind everyone that I haven't, in fact, fallen off the damn face of the earth. ;)

For anyone who's wondering where I've been these last two entire months, I'm still currently working as a background painter on Archer at Floyd County Productions; and seeing as I'm on the crew full-time, that job has pretty much consumed my entire life (and soul), lol!
9-6 days with a nice fat Atlanta commute added on is tiring, and I still wish I had more time to draw comics and concept art. But honestly, Floyd has been an awesome chill sweet studio to work for, and I know when the new season airs it will all be worth it. ^^
Besides from Archer, I'm still working on graphic novel projects and commishes when I can, though those things are barely inching along. For anyone who has been waiting for a commission, thanks again for your incredible patience, I will definitely get to you in time!

Talking about comics, I'm going to be at Baltimore Comic Con this weekend along with Domo. Let me know if you're gonna be there too! It would be my first year at this con, so sadly I don't have a table; but still I can't wait to just walk around, catch up with the comicking world, and hopefully make some new connections.

More posts to come after I'm back from the show, and I swear with some freaking DRAWINGS next time!

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