January 28, 2015

Game project on Steam Greenlight!

Aww yeah! An indie game that I have been doing concept art for for the past year and a half or so just launched on Steam Greenlight!
As of now (1/29)  this game is still live!

It's a beautiful, well done game, everyone. If you have a Steam account, please vote for it or at least check it out and give your judgement then. ;) I can say that the people on this project have put a lot into it. Everyone is a working professional in their field who contributes to this project after work and on weekends.

Hanako is (so far) a team-based PC game, with options for several different warrior classes. The story is set in Sengoku (Warring States) era Japan, and follows two battling samurai clans.

Here's some of the art that I've done for it. :)

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