January 15, 2015

Podcast feature, and trip to Japan/ Taiwan

Hello all! It's been a while again.
Apologies for the silence. The new job in Austin has kept me quite busy; I've been doing a lot of work for it, but none of it is material that I can post just yet, so that'll have to wait.

In some exciting news, I was actually just in Japan for Christmas, Comiket, and New Years; and I got to meet up with Deconstructing Comics, a fantastic manga/comics podcast that I've been a long-time listener of. We sat down over coffee, and talked extensively about comics and comic conventions, including all the unique differences to comic cons between Japan and America. Give it a listen HERE!

And here's a dinosaur sketch I just did to make up for the recent lack of artwork. :)

 And here are a few pictures from my recent trip, which included Tokyo, Kyoto, and then a week in Taiwan. What a fantastic vacation it was. QuQ <3 br="">

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