June 26, 2015

Heroes Con

And one more Heroes Con is now wrapped up!!
Did I mention that I drove to Heroes this year? Heroes is in Charlotte, North Carolina. I love in Austin, Texas right now. (The reason is I looked for flights too late so I couldn't afford to fly.) Eyup. That was an 18 HOUR DRIVE. Fun!

Here's a map of our little road trip. Damn this country is huge.

Anywho. Of course the con was as awesome as always, and made the insane journey worth it! It was great to see all my artist friends again and reconnect with the comics community. I heart you all.😍
Here was my Artist Alley table:

And here are some convention sketches that I did!

 Thank you so, so much to everyone who came by, whether for a commission or print or just to talk. I had a wonderful time.

Here's me being a dork with some cool artists. ;D
 Till next year, Charlotte!

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