June 26, 2015

Prints, mugs, leggings, and more goodies!

Hi everybody! Hopefully you've all been having an awesome summer.
I'm happy to announce that I've reactivated my Society6 account, and have tons of new work up!! Eee I'm so excited. 😄 Here are some pictures of what I've made~

Some products I made from my Mad Max piece:
http://society6.com/product/the-world-goes-mad_laptop-skin#2=148 http://society6.com/product/the-world-goes-mad_iphone-case#52=377 http://society6.com/product/the-world-goes-mad_leggings#56=417
Some more stuff:
http://society6.com/product/destiny-tbx_mug#27=199 http://society6.com/product/destiny-tbx_leggings#56=417
  Aaaand some phone cases!
http://society6.com/product/elemental-schoolgirls-aqua_iphone-case#52=377 http://society6.com/product/elemental-schoolgirls-clouds_iphone-case#52=377 http://society6.com/product/elemental-schoolgirls-bloom_iphone-case#52=377

If you would like any goodies with my work on it, please come by my shop!
And of course I'll be adding more products as I make more art in time.

May I mention, too, that it really looks like Society6's product qualty is very good. All the prints are glicee, and they even offer phone cases, tshirts, and leggings. ;D

I hope everyone enjoys these goodies! Meanwhile, I'll do my best to make more stuff ❤❤

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